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Tips to Shortlist Your Prospects on a Dating Website

No doubt online dating has become a most reliable and efficient way to find your next partner, but few people are still struggling to find their ideal partner through dating websites. This is because going on an online dating site can be daunting and overwhelming, to say the least. There are so many options, so many candidates to choose from.  So how can you turn the odds in your favor and date quality people who have long-term potential?

In this article you’ll find the answer to this question:  Why can’t you find the right partner?

  • Because you still can’t create an attractive dating profile.
  • You are constantly wasting time with the wrong person.
  • You don’t know how to hold interesting communication
  • You are spending time with spammers.

By using my helpful tips to shortlist your prospects on a dating website you’ll be sure to separate the wheat from the chaff and save a lot of time in the process.

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Create your wish list: try to keep it realistic

Creating a wishlist is the best thing you can do to find your perfect partner, but you will achieve success only when you keep it real; you can put things like someone with a Bentley or $10 million in the bank.

Your wish list should contain characteristic traits of a person, like you want your partner to be funny or sincere, studious or sporty, extrovert or introvert, outdoor sports or play station, gym or foodie, etc.   

Keep a score

Even after setting up the wish list it can be quite difficult to decide which person to choose from. So now you have multiple matches who fulfill your criteria as an eligible partner then you can develop a rating system.

Think about some common criteria like good looks, financial stability, humor, and communication skills. Now start giving them marks out of ten:  the highest total score wins. This way you will be able to have a better perception towards your perfect partner.   

Stay selective

On your way to find the perfect match there will be people around you who will try to convince you to be less selective, never listen to them. You are searching for your ideal partner and you have all rights to stay selective towards your partner. Feel proud about being selective.

Opt for a specialty website

There are specialty websites in the market that are created to fulfill the special purposes. If your priorities are little different than the rest of the world then you should try specialty websites. There are specialty websites available for the interracial relationship and LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) relationships. There are dating websites also available to find a Latino, Afro American, Asian, Hispanic.

Work on your profile

So now you have worked on the wish list, kept keeping score and trying to get selective as well but all these will work when you create an attractive profile.

That is the most primary thing that you need to concentrate on, in the world of online dating a good profile creates a first impression. Multiple studies found that the people who put a considerable amount of time in creating their profile are more likely to get a better partner.

Use optimistic language

Rude behavior on the online dating platform is an invitation to definite failure. No one likes to date a person with rude behavior and negative perception towards life.  After all, we are searching for the person who can fill our lives with joy, not stress and negativity.

Red flags to avoid when selecting potential dating candidates

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Every year thousands of people are registering themselves as a victim of sexual assault, online dating platforms are playing a big role in the rise of these numbers. Online dating is not bad, but you need to stay cautious about your own security.

Catfishing frauds are everywhere and they are looking for their next target, so you should be aware of these online dating red flags.

Multiple attractive photos but no bio

This is most of the spammers do, they create a profile with multiple pictures of some models but they usually leave the bio section empty.

Incomplete profile means two things: either person is not very serious about getting into relation or a person is a spammer who is trying emptying your bank account.

They’ve just had a breakup

People I personally hate most are the ones who have just had a breakup and now they are trying their luck again through online dating.

People who say they just had a breakup might mean two things:

  • They were not serious about their previous relationship which makes them a bad partner.
  • A person is trying to get some fake sympathy.

Lack of social presence

These are the people you should be very aware of. Most of the people have a social media presence and they have a friend circle that proves them to be a genuine personality. I usually avoid anyone who lacks a presence on social media. Lacking social media presence probably mean two things:

  • A person is a fraud who is using a fake account to target another innocent victim.
  • He is desperately hiding his social media details because he doesn’t want to let you know more about him. Maybe he is married or already has a girlfriend.

Late responses

Late responses are another red flag that you should be cautious about. Until and unless a person has a job that required a high amount of concentration he should be able to reply back within an hour and no person should take more than half day to respond to your message. Late responses probably mean:

  • A person has a separate life.
  • A person is not very serious about getting into a relationship.

So why waste time for a person who is not willing to invest time to know you better.

Sexting is a priority

If you are looking for long term relationship then you should definitely keep yourself away from these people. Constant sexting simply means that the person is only interested in finding themselves a sex partner, not a life partner.

Revealing sensitive details from past or lot of bad stories

One of the surest ways to kill your mood while dating is to date a negative person, you will find many people online who are inclined towards constant complaints, they complain about their ex, their parents, neighbors, teachers and the whole world.

These people are the most annoying people to set a date with, instead of making you feel alive these people will make you feel suffocated and depressed.

These Tips Will Help You Pick a Quality Person

Online dating can open a world of possibilities and help you meet a variety of people. Knowing how to choose the right ones can save you a lot of headaches and wasted time.  And who knows, using these tips you may find that one special person, the one you’ve been looking for your whole life!

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