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Tips for Writing Your Online Dating Profile

Every dating app or website has their own method for creating an online profile, but they all have them. Your profile should display the best of you, but also the real you, what you’re looking for and what you’re like. The photo you choose can also say a lot about you and can help or hinder your chances of making a real love connection.

7 Tips to Make Your Online Profile Stand Out

  1. Get Help— Find a friend who knows you well and ask them to create a profile for you. You, of course, get final approval of the profile. You may be surprised at what your friend knows about you and the type of insight that they may have into your personality that you’re not aware of.
  2.  Avoid Being Common–You don’t want to say things that make you sound like a romance novel. That isn’t realistic. Everyone likes walks on the beach and strolls in the moonlight. Try to think about things that are interesting about you that will make someone want to know you more and ask you questions.
  3. Talk about Your Hobbies–Everyone has things they like to do, whether it’s cooking, hiking, collecting pet rocks or something else. If you like to do it and do it on a regular basis, you should say so in your profile. This way if they don’t like playing Dungeons and Dragons and would not want you to play, they won’t contact you. But, if you like camping and they do too, they probably will.
  4. Choose the Right Picture–Don’t choose a picture that is just head-on like a professional headshot. Choose a recent picture of you doing something you love doing that is fun. Update it often. Avoid pictures that include children, but pick one that shows the joy on your face doing something you love, dressed in a way that is normal for your lifestyle.
  5. Be Positive–Leave out words like “no game players” or things like that. You’re making assumptions about people the moment you do that. Plus, it makes you look dishonest and people will automatically think you are a game player. Instead, talk about what you do like over what you do not like.
  6. Be Honest–Whatever your reasons for wanting to date online, you should be honest about them. If you’re not interested in ever marrying, having kids, or having a long-term relationship, say so. It doesn’t make you a bad person for not wanting those things yet. But it will make you a bad person if you use people’s hope so that you can play the field and have fun with no intention of following through.
  7. Double check your spelling and grammar–You want to make a good impression, so give it all you’ve got by double checking. It doesn’t have to be perfect like your English teacher would want it, but it should be intelligible.

Having the right online profile is no guarantee that you’ll attract the right person but at least it will put you in a positive light because remember, you only get one time to make a good first impression!

And once you’re ready to start meeting people, make sure you know how to shortlist your prospects so that you don’t waste your time and increase your odds of finding your sweetheart.

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