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Signs of a Healthy Relationship

It could be said that every relationship is a little dysfunctional. This is normal because humans are imperfect, flawed and bound to disappoint at one time or another. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t have healthy relationships. In fact, we should always be checking our relationships to make sure that they are healthy, and some special relationships can serve as beacons as we learn and grow. When it comes to signs of a healthy relationship, let’s first start with the proper foundation.

Setting the Foundation for a Healthy Relationship

A healthy relationship should be based on unconditional love. There are many different types of relationships. Without knowing someone really well, you might think it impossible to apply unconditional love. In my eyes, unconditional love is at the center of my faith. Therefore, I feel it can be applied to every relationship that we have. Of course, as mentioned there are all different kinds of relationships. You may currently have a partner, plenty of friends, co-workers, and of course family members.

How do you view your relationships? In the same vein of unconditional love, when you are told to check your relationships for dysfunction, do you look at the other half or yourself. Of course, you are going to be looking at both sides to a degree, but let this serve as a reminder that we all need to be looking at ourselves. A little more cleaning out of our own closets grouped with unconditional love goes a long way. In fact, it can go the entire way when it comes to the relationships you have, the boundaries you put in place and the experiences you enjoy.

It’s a little ironic to me that I am writing this article because it brings to mind current issues, past relationship problems and more. Hey, we all have them. Love for other people can do great things. Sometimes we get caught up in dysfunction with selfish motivations. Okay, we can actually all do that quite often. You see, we as humans can be very selfish. It is important to address those concerns when you see them manifest in your relationships.

Setting Boundaries

As for other signs of a healthy relationship, think boundaries and as you work on yourself, check how the other person is reciprocating. Again, fixing a relationship isn’t about finding flaws and being judgmental. We could all judge a little less, and it is something we have to work at daily. Remember, too, that life is a long journey full of learning, and our relationships are at the helm of our experience. Therefore, we are always working to make them better, as relationships are about loving other people.

If you are reading this article about signs of a healthy relationship, chances are you have a specific relationship of yours in mind. How long have you been in this relationship? That also has everything to do with looking for the right healthy signs. Since relationships are very complex, it can become increasingly difficult for some people to stay together for many different reasons. When it comes to partners, there is a period of time at the beginning where coming together seems to be easy.

It is after this period of time where the true foundation of the relationship is continuing to be formed. For example, you are going to have your first argument. You are going to get to know more of your partner’s flaws. I could go on and on, and the point is that as a healthy relationship progresses, that unconditional love rises to the surface on all occasions.

Healthy Relationships with Friends and Family

As mentioned the dynamics of relationships are different when it comes to family, friends, spouses, etc. However, while some of the signs you look for will be different, some will also be the same. For example, with family, with your friends, with your partner, with your children, there will be good times and bad times or ups and downs. Love, true love, unconditional love, supersedes all of this and is what helps us smile, love and help others in the face of any adversity in our relationships.

How do you deal with relationship problems when they arise? What have you learned from reading this when it comes to looking for signs that your relationships are healthy? Another sign that you should be looking for is that you and the other person are on the same page. You’re not ever going to be able to stay on that same page, but it is the ability and willingness to come together and get back on the same page that grows you.

Building a healthy relationship once you have found the one that you want to spend the rest of your life with is a commitment you must make to yourself and to your partner.  All healthy relationships are based on a mutual reciprocity of love and respect. A RELATIONSHIP WHERE THERE IS NO RESPECT IS DOOMED TO FAIL.

As human beings, we not only want to feel loved an appreciated, but all want to be respected and cherished.  Respect means that the other partner will value what you believe, what you hold dear, and not dismiss you or demean you.

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