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How to Deal with the Sunday Scaries

So you know that feeling in the pit of your stomach when Sunday afternoon rolls around and you realize that half the day is gone and tomorrow you have to go back to work? You start feeling mopey and morose. You get a general feeling of malaise because you realize the weekend is over. You, my friend, are experiencing the Sunday Scaries.

The Sunday Scaries is that feeling of anxiety that people get once they realize they have to go back to the rat race or jump back on the proverbial treadmill. Whether it’s work or school, the Sunday Blues are real.

So how can you deal with Sunday Scaries?

According to a survey by Monster, over two-thirds of Americans suffer anxiety on Sunday evening anticipating a return to work. So how can you deal with the Sunday Scaries and not lose your mind?

woman relaxing on her ipad on Sunday night to avoid the Sunday Scaries
  1. Try to unwind by 3 p.m. on Sunday afternoon. Take care of all the chores and errands you have to get done by the early afternoon. That way, when Sunday evening rolls around, all you have to do is curl down with a good book, a sappy Hallmark movie, or your favorite fur baby and veg for the rest of the night.
  2. Go to bed at a reasonable hour. Don’t stay up late because you want to experience every minute of your Sunday. That’s actually not a good idea. If you don’t get at least 7 hours of sleep, you will wake up tired and stressed. A good night’s sleep will have you waking refreshed and ready to tackle the work day.
  3. Plan your Monday work activities on Friday before you leave work. A good idea is to write yourself a list of all the things you need to accomplish on Monday. This way, when you come in Monday morning you know exactly what you need to do because you prepared yourself on Friday.
  4. Plan some fun activities during the week. Schedule some self-care activities such as a mani-pedi or a massage. Having something to look forward to during the week will make the work week more bearable.
  5. Plan to meet up with friends during the week. Your friends are your best support group. They can commiserate right along with you. They get you. You can vent to them and they’ll listen to you when you complain about your tyrant of a boss, your messy coworker, or your dead-end job.
  6. Look for a new job. If the Sunday Scaries are more full-blown terror than just a general sense of dread, then you should probably start looking for another job. Don’t be afraid to be proactive and go on the hunt for new employment. If your work is literally making you sick or affecting your mental stability, then it’s time to say bye bye and take your skills elsewhere.
a relaxed woman drinking a cup of tea ready to turn in on Sunday night and face the Sunday Scaries in a productive way

The Sunday Scaries don’t need to be so scary after all. And since misery loves company, it’s a bit reassuring to know that the Sunday Scaries are experienced by most everyone. But if you stay in the present and not think of all the terrible things that await you on Monday, you can get your Sunday anxiety under control and possibly even start looking forward to a productive start of the week. Remember that there is always a new weekend to look forward to and if you take my advice, you should’ve planned some fun activities during the week.

Erin Love Thomas is the founder and managing editor of This Side of Happy. As a relationship blogger, Erin helps readers find, nurture, and sustain healthy relationships. Erin's desire is that everyone finds the love and happiness they seek.