woman with a goblet making a potion for a true love spell

Do Finding True Love Spells Really Work

When you do a Google search for terms such as finding true love spells or spells to find my soul mate, etc., you’ll find over 2 million results.  Thousands of people all over the world are searching for a magic potion or incantation that will help them secure the lover of their dream.

But what is a love spell and do these spells really work, or are the websites enticing people to buy their magic potions are nothing more than a new iteration of the old-time peddler or state fair–selling fish oil or snake oil to desperate and lonely women?

There are plenty of websites and spam emails of people telling their success story of how an African Witchdoctor, a Wiccan love potion, or a Gypsy tarot card reader helped them, foresaw something, or put them on the right path to finding their soulmate.

How many of these claims are true and how many are just a ploy to get your money?  Before you send money off to a website or person claiming they have a magic spell to get your love, stop and reflect on what you are about to do.

Should You Cast a Spell to Find a Soulmate?

Let’s suppose for a moment that magic spells do work:

  • Ask yourself these questions
  • What is your intention?  Is it pure or coming from a place of selfishness? Are you a narcissist and only care about your feelings?
  • Don’t people have free will and shouldn’t you respect that free will?
  • Are you putting bad karma out in the universe?
  • If your relationship is that terrible to require magic intervention, breaking a person’s free will, is it worth keeping?

A person who loves you through the effect of a spell is in an artificially induced state and not really loving you for who you are. Or, they may act differently from how you envisioned them and then you may not be attracted to them anymore, but now he’s obsessed with you and won’t leave you alone.  Or the energy will come back to you and you may be under the spell too and you’ll be involved in a codependent unhealthy and unhappy relationship and you won’t even know why.

I guess you see where I stand on the subject of spells.  First of all, I don’t really believe they work. But on the off chance that you manage to manipulate the universe’s energy and have a spell “work” on someone, the effect would negatively impact your life, create an adverse effect.

Use the Power of Intention and Faith to Find Your True Love

What I do believe is in the power of prayer and faith, but that prayer and faith should not be taken to mean the God is your personal genie and that you can use prayer as a substitute for spells.  I believe that you can use the power of faith and prayer to work on your own self as a spiritual person, to grow to love yourself and love others, to expect good to come from the universe, and to believe that your true love, your soulmate is out there and you will find him and you are ready.  

In the meantime, act with intention and faith.  Start to plan your future with your partner, see him in your heart and in your spirit and mind.  

a hand uplifted to the sky to symbolize faith and intention rather than using spells to find true love

Start to do things for yourself to become a better person.  Put yourself in places where you can meet people. Tell your friends and the ones you love that you are open to meeting people, and ultimately become the person, you want to attract.  

Let God, the Higher Power, the Universe take its course and find your place in this world.  Karma and positive energy and FATE will take you through the path you need to go through and along this road, your true love awaits.

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