• woman demonstrating the benefits of using a jade roller on her face
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    What is a Jade Roller and Why You Should be Using One

    It seems that every day there’s a new beauty trend being touted as the be-all end-all to all our beauty problems. These products claim to solve all our skin care problems, from reversing the aging process to making our skin radiant and youthful. These beauty products create a buzz in the market because celebrities and social media influencers endorse them. Often we don’t really know if these products really live up to their claims. Enter one such product: the jade roller. The jade roller seems to have taken the beauty market by storm. You see it everywhere on social media and the results seem incredible. So where did this jade…

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  • the rock dwayne johnson rocking a bald head and looking powerful
    Beauty,  Celebrities,  Men's Issues

    Bald is the New Sexy: New Study Confirms It!

    Some say a woman’s hair is her crowning glory. And while this is true, a man’s mane is just as regally regarded. A man with a full head of hair represents virility and strength, a required quality for fathering offspring. And women have always appreciated a handsome gent with luscious locks because of the subconscious signals that a healthy virile man will beget sturdy children. So it is no wonder then, that when a man starts to see a slight receding hairline or a small spot on the back of his head, he may turn to treatments and potions, massages and hair plugs, all in the hopes of stopping hair…

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  • woman wearing makeup that men like

    What Kind of Makeup do Guys Find Attractive?

    A lot of women ask the question:  What kind of makeup should I wear to attract a man? What they’re really asking is how can I make myself attractive so that men will notice me? You’ve probably read many an article addressing this question and when you ask men, many will say that they prefer the natural look. So the politically correct culturally sensitive narrative that men want to put out there is that they prefer women au natural. A bare fresh face, with healthy glowing skin, bright eyes, and luscious lips, all of this accomplished sans makeup. But are men telling the truth? Or is this message a bit…

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