coffee and wine to help you live longer

Can Coffee and Wine Help You Live Longer?

There’s nothing more I like to do than to wake up and go straight to the kitchen where my coffee pot awaits me. I’m not fully human until I put on a strong pot of Joe. It’s my morning ritual. Once the coffee is brewed, I pour myself a big mugful and sit in the family room and watch the sunrise. The sweet aroma, the steam rising from the hot cup fills my soul as I take a hot sip of this nectar of the gods. It’s my quiet time and Joe’s is the only company I need.

This little morning routine is complemented by my evening routine where I drink a glass (or two) of any red wine I have in the cabinet. I slowly drink my wine as I look out my family room windows and wait for the sunset. There’s nothing more peaceful than drinking a glass of wine and watching the sun go down. What a great end to the day.

And now my guilty pleasures are actually good for me. Why? Well folks, according to the latest research, drinking coffee and wine can actually help you live past 90! It’s true!

Benefits of Coffee for Living Longer

a strong cup of coffee can help you live past 90

Let’s start with coffee. According to scientists, coffee is one of the healthiest drinks on the face of the earth. Why? Coffee is rich in compounds that are known to boost health. For starters, coffee is full of antioxidants. Antioxidants are known for eradicating the free radicals that cause oxidation in our cells and compromise our health. Oxidation is one of the main causes of aging and other serious conditions and diseases.

This study found that coffee drinkers who drank 4-5 cups of coffee a day had a reduced risk of death (12% to 16%) and kept diseases like diabetes, heart disease, strokes, and infections at bay. This likely contributes to the longevity claim that coffee can help you live longer.

And the study found that it didn’t make a difference if the coffee was decaffeinated, instant, or regular.

Wine Drinking Extends Longevity

A recent study also found that drinking two glasses of wine a day can also help you live past 90. Why is this? Just like coffee, wine has many healthful antioxidants. Wine is rich in flavonoids. Flavonoids are antioxidants that help the body combat those pesky free radicals. The most commonly studied flavonoid in wine is resveratrol. Resveratrol is found in the grape skins and seeds. And scientists believe that resveratrol may help protect the body against harmful and even fatal diseases such as Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and cancer. (The key is to drink wine in moderation because heavy alcohol consumption is still a leading cause of death in the US.)

And how about the relaxing benefits of drinking wine? Wine does help you unwind. Since alcohol is a natural depressant, it slows down your nervous system giving you that chill feeling that you need after a long day at work or when you’re experiencing those Sunday blues at the end of your weekend.

Drinking Coffee and Wine in Moderation Boosts Longevity

So now that scientists have research to back up two of my favorite guilty pleasures, I’m feeling like I’m on top of the world. I feel like I died and went to coffee-lover-wine-drinking heaven! What’s next, cake? Could eating dessert actually be good for you and help you lose weight? A girl can dream.

Erin Love Thomas is the founder and managing editor of This Side of Happy. As a relationship blogger, Erin helps readers find, nurture, and sustain healthy relationships. Erin's desire is that everyone finds the love and happiness they seek.