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5 Ways to Follow in Meghan Markle’s Footsteps and Live Your Best Life

America’s very own pride and joy Meghan Markle is living a real-life fairytale that we’ve all dreamed of. Although it may seem like she was destined for royalty, her life wasn’t always as glamorous and regal as it is now. Meghan is a total self-made woman who came from humble beginnings and worked her way up to starring in a hit series, Suits, and founding a popular lifestyle brand, The Tig. Oh, and she married the world’s most eligible bachelor, Prince Harry. No big deal, right?

Her life is inspirational and certainly out of reach for the rest of us — I mean, there’s only one Duchess of Sussex! But that doesn’t mean we have to settle with living vicariously through her and admiring from afar. In fact, we can all embody that special je ne sais quoi that Meghan possesses if we start practicing some of her best habits. Here are five lessons we’ve learned from Meghan that will lead you to live your best life, and potentially finding your own prince!

5 Lessons Learned from Meghan Markle to Find True Love and Happiness

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Always smile

As Audrey Hepburn said, “Happiest girls are the prettiest.” You’d be hard-pressed to find a candid picture of Meghan where she isn’t flashing her megawatt smile. Aside from the fact that she’s a generally happy person, Meghan knows that smiling keeps your spirits up, makes you appear more inviting, and shows off your features in ways that even the best makeup can’t. Meghan’s famous smile is probably one of the things that drew Harry to her on their first blind date.

Try new things

Which leads us to trying new things! Meghan and Harry met after being set up on a blind date by a mutual friend, so here’s proof that getting out of your comfort zone can be life-changing. Meghan has always been open-minded and adventurous, especially with food and travel. On The Tig she wrote extensively about exploring places that were off the beaten path, and sampling new, exotic foods. Life is about learning and evolving — remember that nothing can change if you don’t change anything.

Have a signature accessory

Remember that je ne said quoi? Nothing gives someone flair quite like a signature accessory. Meghan’s signature style is classic and elegant yet personal — and recognizable. Whether it’s the Panama hat, those Sarah Flint sandals or that iconic messy bun, the girl knows how to stand out and be memorable. Maybe for you it’s a pair of earrings, a purse or even a special fragrance. Whatever it is, know what you love and what works for you — and just make it your own.

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Don’t give up on your dreams

Meghan worked for years as a struggling actress before she landed the role of her lifetime as Rachel Zane on Suits. Despite being typecast in auditions, she persisted until she got her big break and it certainly paid off. But she didn’t stop there — as a lover of food, travel and fashion, she decided to start her own lifestyle blog, The Tig, and expand her brand even further. Meghan knows putting yourself out there is key to professional success, and even romantic success. After her divorce in 2013, she kept hope alive that she’d find the one. And we all know the happy ending she got.

Give back

Long before she became the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan incorporated philanthropy into her very busy schedule and focused on causes, like gender inequality, clean water, and education. Now as the Duchess of Sussex, she’s able to focus much more time on using her voice and platform for good. Part of what makes Meghan so special is her generous and kind-hearted nature; people have fallen in love with her all over the world because she connects with people, and makes an impact wherever she goes. While we aren’t all as powerful as she is, we can all do what we can within our own daily lives and communities to give back.

That Markle Sparkle

meghan markle smiling her markle sparkle

Next time you find yourself reading about or looking at Meghan with awe or envy, remember that you too can capture that “Markle sparkle” by incorporating a handful of easy and positive changes in your life. Smile big, get out of your comfort zone, find your staple, work hard, and make a difference around you. Now, excuse me while I pour myself a glass of wine like Meghan would, and catch up on Suits

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